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When you white label the Edusity LMS, your company is empowered to tailor the learning experience to meet your needs. Highlight your brand while providing teaching, training, and professional development solutions.

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    Maintain a consistent brand identity and establish trust and credibility

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    Allocate resources more efficiently with affordable training solutions

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    Take control of your learning environment and provide a personalized, branded experience

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Our white label LMS is a Learning Management System that can be customized to your company's branding and offers white label courses for language training and professional development.

Save time and money with Edusity's white lable LMS solutions. Embed on your website or access as a separate site.

Your Custom White Label LMS

Unleash the full potential of your White Label LMS solution for streamlined employee training, certification, and onboarding.

Elevate your e-Learning platform to reflect your unique brand identity by selecting a custom domain, login page, and logo.

Craft a seamless and personalized learning journey tailored to your audience. In just minutes, establish a cohesive brand presence that fosters inclusivity and familiarity among your team.

Tracking And Reporting

Empower your corporation with the ability to effortlessly onboard users, create tailored training pathways for your workforce, monitor their advancement, and generate comprehensive reports, all via an intuitive dashboard.

Reclaim your valuable time, allowing you to refocus on what truly drives success: your business!

Branded Learner Dashboard

This is the hub where your learners will dedicate most of their time.

Beyond incorporating your logo, you'll enjoy the flexibility of personalizing the dashboard with custom banners and welcoming messages.

Your learners will relish the convenience of accessing all their training materials from one centralized location, effortlessly browsing their course library, and keeping tabs on their learning journey across various activities.

Custom Course Certificates

In many industries, certifications hold paramount importance, signifying a commitment to excellence and expertise.

Training programs that offer personalized certificates, adorned with your unique branding elements, not only bolster the credibility of your learners but also enhance your organization's brand identity.

These certificates become badges of honor, proudly showcasing the knowledge and skills acquired through your courses.


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