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Whether you’re an instructor or a learner, you’ll be able to access and store more of your learning experience from our cloud-based platform. Here are its many features

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1. Dashboards

Everyone on Edusity has their own dashboard with unique features to help you plan your teaching and learning pathways.



We’re especially proud of our integrated GAMIFICATION!!! Instructors and leaners will see instant rewards through points, badges, awards, leaderboards and more. Instructors and learners will be able to customize their learning experiences, set achievement pathways and goals.


Integrated Communication Tools

Keep students on track and engaged with private messages, reminders for the calendar, and community forums to keep the discussion going outside class time. Interact with parents through their own portal module that helps them to monitor and track their children’s progress.


Course builder

Create your courses using your course material in the format of your choice. Simply drag and drop documents, audio files, videos and slide presentations into our course builder.


Examination and Testing Options

Create your own multiple choice and descriptive questions, assign grade values and define passing options using our handy test tool.


Interactive Instructional Content

We’ve got authoring tools on the way that will help you develop your own interactive content. We’ve fully-integrated SCORM & xAPI into the system.


Customizable Certificates of Completion

Create, manage and distribute certificates to students who successfully complete your courses. For skills that need re-certification, set an expiry date to remind your learners when they need to come back for re-training.

Live and Recorded Webinars

Worried about missing a class appointment? Don’t. Your webinars will be automatically recorded and saved for future viewing. Pre-recorded material can also be used in conjunction with live discussion seminars to enhance the blended learning experience.

Multi user Whiteboard

Use it during webinars for presentations, for collective brainstorming, or to write out formulas on the fly!

Audio and Video Support

Cameras on, mics at the ready! Your lesson is ready for all participants to be completely engaged.

Document Repository

There’s no need to re-load files or documents every time you teach the same course. Now you can store and access files from your profile to share across a selected group of users.

2. For Learners

Our live webinar feature is simple to schedule and execute, either from couch or from a professional studio or institute classroom.

3. For Enterprise

Our Entrprise grade software delivers personalized experiences to your audiences and drive user engagement & participation with powerful in-built features.

partners The Integrated Shopping Cart

Choose between selling courses one-by-one or through offering a suite of classes by subscription.

partners Coupons & Codes

Issue discount codes, coupon codes and to offer payment support through PayPal or Stripe.

partners Working the Blockchain

Blockchain integration enables Edusity to ensure the certificates instructors issue are authentic and can’t be copied.

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