CaptionYour Voice, Their Language:
Real-Time Simultaneous Translation Made Easy

Languisity is the world’s first real-time language translation platform for online teachings, webinars, and live teaching.

Main Features



Empower your global teams to communicate.



Remove language barries, share ideas, and collaborate globally.



Each participant can choose their language for live translations



Languisity is the multiple-language translation tool created exclusively for connecting people globally.

Learning Beyond Boundaries

Languisity serves as a powerful tool for breaking down communication barriers, effortlessly bridging language gaps, and fostering seamless interactions among people from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

beyond Utilize real-time translation during webinars and online teaching
beyond Communicate effectively across international borders
beyond Connect and collaborate with ease

Your Webinars, Now Universally Understood

Languisity offers real-time translations exclusively within Edusity's webinars, allowing participants from all corners of the globe to seamlessly join without encountering language barriers.

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Frequently asked questions

Languisity provides users with simultaneous live translation of spoken content in a webinar. It works by providing live translation of the teaching material in the form of subtitles and/or audio into the language of the listener’s choice, thereby transcending barriers of language and making learning more accessible than ever.

To enable real time translation on your webinar, you need to subscribe to Edusity “Pro” or “Elite.” It is a service available upon subscription.

To use our real-time translator, the student would need to join the webinar created by the instructor. Select the three dots next to the webcam option and click “Translation.” You will be directed to translation settings where you can choose your language of preference and enable audio and/or subtitles in the same language.

Currently, users can choose from six languages: English, French, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, and Spanish.

There is no limit on the number of people who can use the feature at the same time; however, you need to be enrolled in the course and invited to the webinar by the instructor to be able to join a online teaching and avail Languisity.

Yes, people can use Languisity irrespective of their geographical location. All you need is an internet connection!

No, you do not have to sign up to Languisity separately. It is a part of your Edusity subscription.