A platform that helps you take teaching and training to a whole new level.

Take your institution or employee training completely online for an affordable price. We take care of the technical problems while you focus on delivering knowledge. Customize the platform with your logo and colour themes to match, create courses or upload training modules in a few easy steps. You are in complete control over how you deliver your courses. With our fully integrated webinar feature, you can now host live one-on-one sessions or let your learners learn at their own pace.

  • Customizable to your preferences
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  • All-in-one software

We Offer Virtual Classroom Features for Interactive Learning

The perfect solution for any institution looking to take their services online.

  • Available for institutes from universities and businesses to health care consulting.
  • Customizable to each institute’s needs and preferences

Now you can do more than just talking at your students for the entire class.

  • Upload presentations to the live whiteboard for students to download.
  • Share videos from YouTube as part of your teaching content.
  • Allow students to write on the whiteboard simultaneously with you.

Engage your students while teaching to gauge their understanding of the content.

  • Start polls to test students knowledge at any point during the lessons.
  • Create discussions in the public chat among students.
  • Send out quizzes at the end of each lesson to test students’ knowledge.

Host live classes or let your students learn on their own.

  • Upload course content for students to learn at their own pace.
  • Host live lessons whenever necessary, with presentations and an interactive whiteboard.
  • Engage and test your students in many ways with live polls or quizzes after a live session ends.

No need to limit the class size.

  • Have as many classes as you need.
  • Enroll as many students as you want.

Compatibility with many online payment options.

  • Secured online payment options
  • Collect payment through Stripe, PayPal, PayTM and others

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Provide quality education, train employees and improve team skills.

Schools, Colleges, Universities

Integrate Edusity with your school to continue a streamlined teaching process virtually. Make online learning interactive, engaging, and fun for your students.

Fitness and Wellness

Host live fitness classes virtually or educate people on the importance and benefits of fitness and wellness.

Real estate

Train up and coming real estate professionals, host prep courses for real estate licenses and help them become certified.

Coaching classes, Private tuitions etc.

Host private one-on-one live sessions with clients or students.

Corporate companies

Integrate Edusity with your company to take training employees to a whole new level.

Healthcare education and training

Deliver your knowledge in the healthcare domain conveniently to a spectrum of medical professionals in all areas of practice.

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What Clients Say

Future Black Female

“Future Black Female creates opportunities for Black female youth to fully participate in every aspect of society. Edusity was on-board with our mission and purpose from the moment we were introduced. Their platform supports the delivery of our program events to maximize participation and participant voice.”


Tutor Doctor

“Tutor Doctor knows that students face challenges and learn to overcome them with hard work and determination. Edusity showed us our own values by dedicating themselves to our business with a determination to meet the unique demands of virtual tutoring.”


Cyber Host

Cyber Host Education needed a platform partner that understood exactly what was required to bring instructors and students together with the highest degree of interactivity. Edusity is that partner for our company.


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